WATCH: This News Anchor’s Live Stuff-Up Is The Most Relatable Thing On TV

A moment of appreciation for that most under-rated of comedy genres: the live tv blooper. 
This year has already blessed us with possibly the best unscripted TV moment ever – I’m talking about BBC Dad, yo, shout out to that guy and his outrageously cute kids – but we as a species have got a rich and storied history of shit going wrong on live television. Shit like the sprinklers coming on during a sports cross, or swallowing an actual fly.
Most of these bloopers, as pants-wettingly funny as they might be, usually come with a heaping side of second-hand embarrassment enough to make anyone cringe – which is what makes this particular live cross snafu so gosh-darn charming. It’s not embarrassing. It’s just… really cute.
We’ve all been in ABC 24 anchor Natasha Exelby‘s shoes: indulging in some harmless skiving off, checking out your nails, trying to decide whether it’s worth getting UberEats for the fourth time this week, totally innocent of the fact that you’re about to get sprung, bad. 
Of course, most of us aren’t in the position to get sprung by an entire live audience, but watch this and say you can’t empathise with Exelby’s extremely good reaction:

Obviously Natasha now has about a bajillion new fans.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a collection of live blooper classics, in GIF form. Please feel free to hit play on the ‘Benny Hill’ theme… now.

There you go, Tash. You’re in fine company. 
just walk it off

Source: Twitter / @ABCmediawatch.