Watch ‘Puberty Blues’ Actress Isabelle Cornish Jump Rope In Bonds ‘Collectibles’

Ascendent Novocastrian actress Isabelle Cornish is the latest name to sign on as an ambassador for Bonds, joining fellow really, really ridiculously good-looking label mates Pat Rafter, Rachael Taylor and Hayden Quinn as the cherubic face of the mainstay outfitters. 

To celebrate, Bonds had Isabelle jump rope for an entire day in twenty-something different pairs of undies for her first TV commercial, a feat she admits was “pretty tiring,” especially considering she didn’t have Jump Rope For Heart at primary school (miss you, ’90s). Undeterred by this sad injustice, Lil’ Cornish trained with a coach and in private in the days leading up to the shoot, the results of which you can watch below. 
In between making jumping in next to nothing on national TV look like a desirable pastime, she’s also “just started filming ten really good episodes of the second season of Puberty Blues” airing later this year on Channel Ten. 
Sadly, unlike her sister Abbie ‘MC Dusk’ Cornish, Isabelle doesn’t intend on diversifying her model-slash-actress CV anytime soon, conceding that while she really likes hip-hop she can’t rap nor can she play guitar as well as her siblings can. Meaning you shouldn’t hold out for a verse on MC Dusk’s debut album, due out late 2013.
We’ll always have The Shire.