Watch: Megan Fox for Emporio Armani Underwear

Chances are if you watch Megan Fox posing in lace underwear – or topless – for a whole minute, you’ll find yourself asking by the end, ‘what in the hell was that commercial for?’ Oh that’s right, Armani JEANS and underwear. But why are we not surprised? Fox has made a career (I use that term loosely) on capitalising on her looks; and since becoming an ambassador for the label in 2009, Armani is doing the same.

It’s that overused cliché, sex sells the clothes, or lack thereof. Fox features in the one-minute black and white video, as a part of the brand’s SS11 campaign. It’s hardly original: slow motions shots, a black sheer sheet over a half naked Fox, and a wind machine. The video is less about Armani and more about voyeurism, but who really cares – she looks smoking.

Written By Kellie Hill