Watch Jean-Luc Godard’s Cannes Entry Online

New Wave cinema auteur Jean-Luc Godard has just unveiled his new – and very mysterious – film Film Socialisme (Socialism) at the Cannes Film Festival where it is competing in the Un Certain Regard category. Thus far, all anyone can really know about Godard’s latest venture in avant-experimental film is based on the trailer – which is a flashing sequence of beautifully shot Mediterranean scenes with a sinister, forbidding soundtrack that sounds like a march to an unavoidable doom. I’m sure it’s heaps of fun, though.

Never one to do things by the rules – and in the spirit of Socialism – Godard has released the film online for download from French movie database Filmotv where, apart from Film Socialisme, a collection of his classic films will also be available for download – c’est fantastique!