WATCH: Badass Geriatric Baddie Winkle Tapped For OTT Fashion Campaign

Loose fashion unit of the elderly Baddie Winkle has shot a new campaign for clothing brand Missguided, and it’s literally a cross between every 90s hip-hop music video and your nan on the piss.

The 88-year-old – who according to Instagram has been “stealing your man since 1928” – is a hot pink faux fur-wearing pimp daddy, which doesn’t seem too far from the truth tbh. She slaps booty, she makes it rain, she’d probably make your own grandma tut tut. Basically, she lives up to her rep. 

Baddie joins the ranks of previous Missguided faces like anti-slut shaming queen Amber Rose and 90s heartthrob-turned-activist Pamela Anderson, as part of their campaign to champion iconic women who’re more than just a pretty face. (Also: was that the old Dolly Magazine logo? It’s giving me early ’00s vibes.)

In a Q&A, Baddie Winkle also revealed her rampant Drizzy thirst. When asked to name her celebrity crush, she said: “Heh heh heh… I think you already know it’s Drake.” (Same.) 

Slay on, G-ma.

Photos: Supplied.