Victoria Bitter Has Released A Pair Of Thongs, So That’s Yr Dad’s Birthday Present Sorted

vb thongs

If you’re in need of a new pair of thongs, might I suggest this uber-chic pair of Victoria Bitter flip-flops?

In collaboration with the only 100% Aussie-made thongs brand, Thongs, Victoria Bitter have released a pair of incredibly bogan, yet incredibly cool shoes.

“Working with VB, a brand synonymous with hard working Australians, was easy,” Thongs Australia Director Scott Jungwirth said. “As well as being iconic, our main inspiration was creating thongs that were tough. We were sick of our old ones breaking all the time.”

Featuring the iconic VB branding, and the slogan “a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer,” these shoes are an absolute backyard BBQ staple.

vb thongs

Made in Melbourne, the thongs are “strong enough for a game of frisbee at the part” but “comfortable enough for a session at the pub.” But if that’s not enough to convince you, they’ve also got a year-long warranty in case they do that super-annoying thong thing (you know what I’m talking about).

Honestly, I’m thinking of stocking up on 5-6 pairs of these bad boys for go-to Father’s Day/birthday gifts for all of the difficult to shop for bogans in my life.

Beyond the gimmick of a pair of VB thongs to match the six-pack in the fridge, these are some heavy-duty, reliable thongs to get you through at least a couple of summers.

“VB thongs are the perfect accessory for the Australian summer. And the fact that Thongs are proudly manufactured in Australia, supporting hard-working Aussies, made them the perfect partner for us,” VB Associate Director Hugh Jellie said.

The Thongs retail for $45 and are exclusively available on the VB merchandise website.

If thongs don’t quite tickle your fancy, the entire VB merch store is full of priceless gems from bar fridges to beanies. They’re actually pretty stylish too.

Brb while I add one of everything to cart.