VIC Makes History: Trans People Can Soon Alter The Sex On Their Birth Cert

The Victorian Labor government promised back in 2014 to change laws around transgender people not being able to alter the sex on their birth certificate, and now, they’ve gone and introduced a Bill and bloomin’ done it. Just like they promised, yo. HOWZAT. 
VIC Premier Daniel Andrews has made history with the progressive Bill, which means that a transgender person will be able to apply at any time to have the sex that’s listed on their Victorian birth certificate changed to reflect their true gender identity. 
Previously, the laws were super complex and confusing, and trans people wouldn’t even be able to apply for the change until it was confirmed that they’d had Sex Reassignment/Affirmation Surgery. 
~Shocker~, SRS a really intensive, invasive, hectic procedure – not every trans person can afford it, and there’s plenty of trans people who don’t want to have it. Hence why the new Bill is so important; surgery should be up to the person – not the government!
Under the changes, the person will be able to nominate their sex descriptor in their birth registration as male, female or they’ll be able to specify a gender diverse or non-binary descriptor.
The Bill will also allow transgender children to change their birth certificate; their parent or legal guardian can apply for the change and will require the child’s consent. (The application requires a medical certificate confirming the child’s ability to consent, and that the legal change is in the child’s best interests.)
Andrews, along with Attorney-General Martin Pakula and Minister for Equality Martin Foley are all beyond thrilled, with Foley stating that “[The Bill] shows once again that in Victoria, equality is not negotiable.”
Pakula spoke of the absolute importance of body autonomy for transgender people:
“Nobody should be forced to undergo major surgery or choose between maintaining a legal relationship with their spouse just to get a birth certificate that reflects who they are.”
And Daniel Andrews once again, made every progressive Australian want to hug him after he spoke of moving forward towards being a progressive and accepting place for all:

“Every step towards equality counts. 

This is more than just a piece of paper to a lot of people. This is about removing legal barriers and making life a lot more convenient and comfortable.

Everybody has the right to be who they are – and there’s no reason that shouldn’t be reflected on someone’s birth certificate.”
This is straight up important as hell. This is big; this is another step closer to a place of equality. No one should ever feel as though they are aren’t accepted for being who they are. 
Absolutely bloody incredible work, Victoria. This Bill is absolutely A+.
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