Über Luxe Chocolatier Godiva Are Opening 1st Aussie Store In Melbs Tomorrow

Chocolate, oh how thy doth surprise and delight, time and time again.

i, too, take a lustful whiff of my chocolate before consumption

If eating chocolate is a hobby of yours, you might want to sit down for this one: gourmet chocolatier Godiva are opening a standalone chocolate cafe in Melbourne‘s Emporium tomorrow. (This is big news for anyone who has developed a severe Godiva addiction via international airports, which is usually one of the only places you can get it.)

The first Australian store will pioneer a brand new ‘Godiva Chocolate Experience‘ which promises to bring together boutique and café products in a heavenly union.

They’ll be slinging iconic Godiva products, like their Gold Discovery Collection gift boxes and chocolate-smothered pretzels:

As well as fresh daily products like generously choc dipped strawberries:

Double chocolate soft serve ice cream:

And of course, their signature truffles and hot chocolates:

The store is set to be incredibly extra; after all, when it comes to perfecting chocolate and adding a distinct touch of luxury, no one does it quite like the ‘diva. Founded in Brussels in 1926, it’s the official chocolatier to the Royal Court of Belgium. If it’s fit for royals, it sure as hell is fit for ‘Strayans.

Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Yannick Chevolleau, will be flying into Melbourne from his base in Tokyo to celebrate the opening.

“Despite working with chocolate everyday, I haven’t grown tired of it yet,” he said. “Chocolate is a pleasure in life, so I’m very excited to be sharing our delicious products with Australian consumers.”

We, for one, cannot wait to go full Bruce Bogtrotter at the store.

Godiva will open its doors officially on Wednesday, 6 December at 12 noon, at Level 1 of Emporium Melbourne.