Trump Tries, Fails To Pass His Obama / ISIS Word-Spew Off As Sarcasm

If Donald Trump literally did not say another word during his campaign to be President of the United States of America, it’d be an improvement: not for his opponents, though. Just for himself.

After labelling Barack Obama the legitimate founder of ISIS – and slandering campaign opponent Hillary Clinton as its co-founder – Trump has lashed out on Twitter, blaming the media for apparently not getting his next-level “sarcasm.”

Claiming the President of the USA is Islamic State’s El Hefe *is* pretty goddamn ostentatious, and there’s certainly scope for such OTT hyperbole to fall under the constraints of misconstrued lols. 

The problem is, the human-shaped mound of Doritos dust that is Donald Trump cannot distance himself from the raw footage of the statement, nor the follow-up interview highlighted by CNN.

ICYMI, you can peep the Don’s unabridged statement riiight here:

Somehow, the aforementioned CNN’s coverage of the issue makes the bloke come across like even more of a space cadet than the video alone.

The broadcaster highlighted an interview with a right-wing (!!!) radio talk show host, who actually wanted to get the full context of Trump’s boggling thought process.

When given the opportunity to track back his claim in friendly media territory, the Republican nominee doubled the hell down. Trump said “no, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS.

I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award.

I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton.”

But, no, that was 100% satire. Obviously. 

Somehow, even more worryingly, Trump also asked the interviewer “do you not like that?” 

If that statement doesn’t give you the willies, it should: it implies the bloke has gotten thiiis close to being the quote-unquote Leader of the Free World by doing nothing but playing to America’s basest fears and insecurities. 

Sad. Bring on November.

Source: CNN Donald J. Trump / Twitter.
Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty.