Trump Got Papped Rehearsing His Big Speech & The Internet Is Going Wild

If you were to analyse the internet from a black box approach (looking at the input and the output without any regard for the internal mechanisms), you would find it primarily to be a machine that transforms images, pictures and sounds into (most of the time) funnier images, pictures and sounds. Sure, a lot of other stuff happens on it, but those are the only real things of value.
As awful it is to commit these words to type, Trump is arguably the most famous person on the planet right now, and whatever he is filmed or recorded or described doing immediately falls into the machine and comes out slightly more palatable than it was before – like this video of Trump rehearsing his maiden speech to Congress earlier today:

The most rational response to this should be disbelief: it is very hard to comprehend that the repetitive, idiosyncratic, and often meaningless garbage that defines his public speaking is in any way rehearsed. Today was a big day for him, though, so maybe it was a one-off.
Not enthralled with Trump talking to himself in a car? Wow, you’re hard to please. Here are some funnier things:

The real kicker though was this equal-parts-funny-and-mortifying gem from ‘The Daily Show‘:

God (or similar) help us all.
Photo: Twitter.