TopShop Bound To Hit Oz By Christmas

As if Christmas shopping isn’t already anxiety-inducing enough, the tidal wave of international megachains infiltrating Australian shores is set to hit its peak this Christmas with the opening of TopShop‘s first flagship retail spaces. Ready the water cannon.

The onslaught of ‘fast fashion’ retailers invading Australian turf has been sudden and fierce – and welcome, evidently; the respective launches of the Zara flagships in Sydney and Melbourne caused near riots, and when Sydney boutique Incu became the first retailer to stock the Topshop brand, the launch incited the kind of eyebrow-raising hysteria typically reserved for a Tom Jones concert.

Fashion and retail blog Fashionising has revealed that Topshop is aiming to open flagships in both Sydney and Melbourne in time for Christmas 2011. Fashionising also said the stores will likely be placed in “retail locations outside both Melbourne’s and Sydney’s city centres”.

QUESTION: Where are you more likely to shop: TopShop or Zara or neither? Why?