It’s our god-given right to look good but it wouldn’t kill us to have a little more concern over how our clothes are made. Don’t get us wrong, we love a fashion moment just as much as the next diva – but not when it comes at the cost of the earth. Enter Tommy Jeans’ sustainable collection, the answer to all our fashion woes. 

We all know that Tommy Hilfiger is a big ambassador for sustainability (and if you didn’t know, now you do). The brand is on a mammoth mission to create fashion that Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All. A noble goal? We think so.

They’re reaching this goal one swoon worthy fashion piece at a time, and this drop is no exception. But as we said, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about doing good too. This line embodies that ethos right down to the needlework.

Yep, this Tommy Jeans collection are made from some truly wild items. No seriously, it’ll blow your mind when you hear what these clothes are made from.

Pieces from this line have been made from scraps of linen off the apparel industry’s factory floor and hotel industry bed linens. Other sustainable materials which feature in the collection include organic cotton and 100% recycled cotton mom jeans. Then, when it comes to pulling the clothes together, they’ve been stitched with thread made from recycled PET bottles.

It’s truly wild to think it’s possible to make clothes this way, but it seems the sky is well and truly the limit when it comes to their creativity. 

This collection means the brand is well on its way to becoming a leader in sustainability and we simply couldn’t stan any harder.

If you can cast your mind forward to the year 2030 (should the thought not give you intense panic) Tommy hopes to have achieved 24 ambitious targets around circularity and inclusivity. They want the brand to be worn by everyone from all walks of life, made with the planet in mind and all-round legendary.

Cop a few of the threads for yourself and feel the difference, not only against your skin but in your heart and soul. Peep a few of our faves below.

High Rise Jeans $229 

Tie Dye Crew Sweatshirt $159

Colour Block Hoodie $159

Straight Dad Jeans $199

You can shop Tommy Jeans’ sustainable collection here. 

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Image: Tommy Jeans