Tommy Hilfiger’s Aggressively Colourful Miami Pad Is On Sale For $27.5M

Giant Miami mansions are usually a dime a dozen, but seriously – you’ve never seen anything quite like the $27.5 million buck baby US fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger just put up for sale.

The huuuuge, 14,075 square foot home is, according to Hilfiger’s lil’ chat with the Wall Street Journal, “part art gallery and part beach house”, which makes a lot of sense when you see these pics.
Hilfiger chatted about the vibe of his Miami pad with Architectural Digest back in 2014.
“Our Connecticut home feels very country, with lots of taxidermy, and our place in Mustique has a more British Colonial vibe. We wanted to be able to showcase the colorful large-scale artworks that didn’t make sense elsewhere, conceptually or size-wise.”

Those artworks are by way famous people, like Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring

Alongside colour-themed bedrooms, the property also features some really… erm… odd stuff. Like a disco ball just casually perched above the bar:
And, in true WTF style, scratch ‘n’ sniff banana wallpaper – in the bathroom.
The property is up for grabs via The Jills, a luxury real estate company based in Miami. Wish you had the $$$ to turn your home into a crazy art wonderland? Why not enter our lil’ competition right here, where you’ve got the chance to win a sweet, sweet $20k in cash:
Images: The Jills / Zachary Balber.