Todd Selby + Jonathon Zawada Poster

Stemming from the same quiet joy one derives from peeking into a stranger’s shopping trolley (instant mash? really guy?), Todd Selby’s voyeuristic peek into the homes and workplaces of the world’s brightest creatives is as conflicting as it is fascinating. “Should I be looking at this?” you ask yourself. Do I know the subject better for it? I wonder if I can ebay that toy? etc etc etc.

This strange human compulsion to get all up in everyone else’s shit so to speak, becomes all the more irresistible when the subjects are people you spy walking around your ‘hood. Selby originally showed his Sydney-centric series as part of Monster Children’s Selby/Cobrasnake joint show but for those not present the bulk of the images have made their way online.

If that’s not enough Aussie action for you The Selby also enlisted Sydney graphic designer Jonathon Zawada to make a collage-style poster for his online shop. The Selby explains: “This poster was created by Sydney based artist Jonathan Zawada from photographs on The Selby. The signed and numbered posters are limited to an edition of 275. The poster is 24″ x 35″, offset printed in the USA on Glossy paper. Future editions of this poster will not be numbered or signed so get yours now.”