Those Cooked “Hi My Name’s Catrina” Kids Recreated The Dance As Adults

If there’s one thing the internet loves it’s finding out where child actors from the 80s/90s are now.
That chick from ‘Ocean Girl’? She works at K-Mart. Bronson from ‘Round The Twist’? He’s a personal trainer to celebrity dogs. The “it’s French for yum” girl from those yoghurt ads? She died in a fire!*
(*I may have made all three of these up, btw.)
What’s even better than learning that the nerd from ‘The Little Rascals’ is hot now or whatever, is finding out the futures of people made famous via memes. That’s right folks. MEMES.
Cast your minds back to the heady days of December 2016, when a video of a bunch of incomprehensibly energetic pre-teens from an 80’s UK kids show went absolutely bonkers viral.

These kids were def railing bumper lines of coke right? I mean, Red Bull wasn’t invented yet…
Whether you know it as the ‘When Someone New Starts At Work’ meme, or as the ‘Hi, My Name’s Catrina’ meme, you’ve definitely seen it on ya feed, and if you haven’t… up your internet game champ, you’re embarrassing yourself.
Well hold on to yer butts mates, as these borderline psychotic kids grew into spectacularly regular looking adults and recently filmed a recreation of the internet-famous dance scene as part of Red Nose Day’s Comic Relief (you know that thing that’s also bringing back ‘Love Actually’), and hoo boy it is SOMETHING.
Look at this ragtag group of middle-aged poms, rightfully claiming their 15 minutes of fame. Look at their slow, decrepit bodies ravaged by time, the innocence of youth bereft from their once vibrant and inquisitive eyes.
Time, dear friends, comes for us all.
Red Nose Day is on March 24 this year, and you can find out more/donate here.

Picture: Youtube.