These Dope Crystal Kayaks Leave Glass-Bottomed Boats Dead In The Water

You know when you see something and it’s like – why didn’t I think of that. See: Instagram, cat cafes, those tiny plastic nothing things they sell that turn a bra into a cross-back bra. The feeling is equal parts annoyed and “I want it”, right? Well here’s another, friends. A company has made clear kayaks.

See, kayaking is fun. Part of the fun is that you can cruise around the deep or fishy parts of whatever body of water you’re on and not be terrified you’re about to feature in the next Jaws instalment. 
Essentially, you get to see the creepy fish without actually being physically in the water with them. Except… unless the fish/sharks/whatever sea life you’re into comes up near the surface, you’re kind of left unsatisfied.
With The Crystal Kayak Company though, every kayak cruise becomes a glass-bottom boat experience. If the water is clear enough, you’ll see right down to the bottom – including whatever cool shit is hanging out down there.
They’re two person beauties, so you can go exploring alone or take a partner in crime, and they’re made of a fancy kind of polycarbonate, the kind that’s smooth and won’t get damaged by salt water – meaning they’ll be clear af for maximum spying on fish.They’re not cheap, though – the current price is a solid AUD$2,000, before shipping from the States.

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Image: Crystal Kayaks Australia.