‘The Project’ Lost Their Shit Over A Monkey Throwing Poop At Someone’s Nan

It’s nice to be reminded that, in these fraught and divisive times, there is something that can truly bring all of us together, regardless of our opinions or beliefs: that someone having poop thrown at their face is extremely, very funny.
In a very interesting decision for prime time television, ‘The Project‘ tonight decided to air a light-hearted clip of an elderly woman having monkey shit thrown pretty much right on her mouth – how delightful! 
Despite the fact that surely at least one of them would have seen the clip before, the entire panel lost their shit at perhaps just the audacity of having broadcasted it. So much so, apparently, that you can even see Steve Price forget that he’s supposed to be outraged at this sort of vulgar humour when they have a crack at airing it again:
CARRIE BICKMORE: The man in my ear is telling me we can’t show it again because people are eating, that’s no reason not to show it again.

PETER HELLIAR: Let’s see it again, one more time.
If you want to see a bunch of grown adults completely dispense with all professionalism over poop (I mean, who wouldn’t), please, look no further:
Source and photo: Channel 10.