The New Look Vogue Australia Website Launches Today

When we caught up with newly-minted Editor-In-Chief of Australian Vogue, Edwina McCann, earlier this year she spoke to us about the concept of ‘One Vogue’ – the magazine’s new egalitarian approach to sharing its wide range of resources across an even wider range of mediums (and there are so many mediums, amirite?). That all-inclusive approach, or at least a large part of it, goes live today with the official launch of the new look 2.0, if you will.

If you follow Vogue on any or all of their platforms, you would’ve noticed that they’ve become a whole lot more engaged and engaging in recent months, surpassing both The City and The Hills in terms of just how many Instagrams you can take of the magazine’s fashion closets before they all start to merge into one colour-coded, ‘arranged by designer’ blur.

The new website is an extension of that hands-on, no holding back ethos, and its sees the introduction of more features than there are fashion weeks. The site aims to become a daily source of fashion news, trends, and advice for deVoguetees of the brand (that’s devotees of Vogue – good one, me) whilst becoming a more inclusive and conversational forum.

Of the website’s re-launch, Edwina McCann said “Vogue Australia is no longer just a magazine. It is a brand with digital assets that outperform any of our competitors. The relaunch of will see it become Australia’s number one fashion news source. A truly multifunctional site housing a diffusion brand, Miss Vogue, a reinvigorated Club Vogue with exclusive offers for members, a new Spy Style blogger network and Vogue 365 which will draw a fantastic image from our rich archive every day of the year. will continue to house its hugely popular forums and share even more content with its highly engaged followers across our social media landscape which is itself growing exponentially.

Alongside the Spy Style blogging network which sees the mag move into ‘bloggier’ territory, perhaps the biggest addition is that of Miss Vogue – a diffusion brand that seeks to bridge the gap between fashions both street and haute, curated by the also recently-installed Senior Fashion Editor, Christine Centenera. This month’s highly shop-able (depending on your budget), mostly Australian showcase is fronted by everybody’s favourite heavily-burrowed-brow-babe, Bambi Northwood-Blyth and features some killer styling.

Even better, this month’s Miss Vogue showcases some of my favourite things that aren’t $290 Jil Sander brown paper packages tied up with string – GIFs! Fix up, look sharp everyone: Vogue is on ‘teh internets.’