The Best, Worst & Most Ridiculous Shit We Overheard At MBFWA 2017

And that’s a wrap: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is done and dusted for another year.

The clothes have been packed away, the models have flown home, and the fashion tragics are still milking every last #MBFWA #takemeback post on Instagram as possible.

PEDESTRIAN.TV was there throughout the week, and as ever, here are the best, worst, and most truly faarrrrshion darling things we overheard during the aesthetic chaos that is Fashion Week.

[At the Dion Lee show]

Friend: Is he walking in any more shows this week?

Mum: No, he’s got school. 

[Waiting in line for Justin Cassin]

Man [watching people in Carriageworks]: They do the walk this week. They walk, they walk. 
*imitates fashion week walk*
Friend: Always gotta be camera ready.

[Girl walks into the Karla Špetic show carrying the Balenciaga IKEA bag]

Girl 1: That girl’s bag is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Girl 2: I’m obsessed.

Girl 1: Like I’m so mad. I might wear it tomorrow.

[Outside Carriageworks]

Girl 1: I hate the smell of cigarettes.
Girl 2: Yeah I don’t vibe it, hey.
[At the Justin Cassin afterparty]

Girl to friend: I’m never going to be an influencer, and I’ve accepted that.

[In line for Anna Quan]

Girl to friend: I can’t wear wool, it makes me feel emotional.


Blogger, sounding distressed: These friggin’ strobe lights are messing up my boomerangs.
[At the bar in Star Lounge]
Bloke ordering two wines: They never fill it up enough.
*pours one glass into the other*

[Outside Carriageworks]

Girl to friend: I really wanted to bring my dog but the outfit I ordered her didn’t turn up in the end.

[Also outside Carriageworks]
Girl rushing over to friends: Oh my god I thought that guy wanted to take my pic but he was talking to Carmen Hamilton.

[Waiting to board the Dyspnea boat]
Girl to friend: I don’t like to look the street style photographers directly in the eye, you know? Like it feels really keen.

[Miro Kubicek, seating director of MBFWA, to random person claiming: ‘I met Miro last night in the bar and he said I could sit in the front-row’]

Miro: Well, we’ve never met, I’m Miro. Nice to meet you… you’re in the back row.

Okay, that last one wasn’t *technically* overheard – it was actually from our chat with Miro himself. Check out the interview here.

Photo: Carolyn Duchene / PEDESTRIAN.TV.