The 1% Can Now Cruise In A Rolls Painted With The Dust Of 1,000 Diamonds

If you’re anything like me, reverse parking involves using the cars at either end of the available space as a sort of… guide.
Hear a little knock on the bumper? Inch forward. Gave the car in front a little nudge? Too close.
If I was a card-carrying member of the world’s 1% – and the same person who ordered a custom Rolls-Royce, complete with diamond-infused paint job – I’d just leave it in the garage to gather dust, knowing one scratch would probably cost upwards of $5,000.
Yep, the British purveyor of pimp cars recently unveiled the one-of-a-kind Ghost at the Geneva Motor Show, giving the world a first glimpse of its ‘diamond stardust’ paint, made from 1,000 ethically-sourced diamonds run through a crusher.
The most exxy paint job on a Rolls, ever, it took two months of work to nail a mixture that allowed the diamonds to reflect light for that maximum ~razzle-dazzle~ while remaining smooth to the touch.
Each rock had to be examined to evaluate its ability to reflect light, before they were crushed down to an extremely fine powder and mixed with a glossy lacquer that was applied using a squirrel-hair paint brush wielded by a Rolls master painter (taking submissions for the wankiest sentence ever written). 
Other finishing details that seems offensively basic compared to a diamond paint job include 21-inch wheels with matching red pinstripes, lambswool carpet, oak wood trim and tartan door linings.
Well, look, no one ever said anything about money buying style.
Photo: Rolls-Royce.