Shooting The Chic: How Sydney, Melbourne Or Brissy Is Your OOTD?

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Figuring out that your spirit animal and your physical being’s postcodes rarely align is hardly rocket science for a discerning, chic being such as yourself: home is where the heart is, and assigning coordinates to your fashion lewk is absolutely no exception. Case in point – li’l North West‘s signature wardrobe may rival any such a collection you or I will ever obtain, but her hometown (LA) is literally ~West~ of her fashion roots – the quintessential New York Look. 

The same goes for fashion tragics navigating and shooting the chic Down Under: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are as far apart along the east coast as they are in style and substance.

The typical Melbourne gurl is the bridesmaid who outshines the bride: so ingrained is the city’s caffeinated poison of choice that the Melbourne femme fatale takes her coffee exactly as she does her wardrobe – black, accessorising with an occasional dash of grey or breton stripes.  Once a season, she’ll emerge with her compulsory piece of Gorman garb, only to never wear it again – bold prints such as those are fatal for the faux pas of outfit repetition. Topping it off with clogs, piercings, an artful ‘do, a spattering of tatts and a bold clutch is strictly not optional.

She never will admit how mercilessly her look is slaying; she does, however, internally chorus ‘yaaasss kween’ at every reflective surface. 

Sydney, priced and fit for the King but populated by the perpetually broke, upholds an ultimate OOTD which values that elusive money-can’t-buy aesthetic, because we literally have none. Relationships are hastily made so boyfriend jeans can be stolen on a whim; the sale section at Zara is a special brand of fiercely-fought upon Hell, and all looks are contractually obliged to be paired with over-sized everything: sunglasses, hair, signature bag, statement hat and, tbh, personality.

And the epitome of Brisbane style revels in warm temperatures, isn’t afraid to bare some tasteful skin—the sibling who may well out-chic us all in a matter of years. Dress for the job you want to have, they say, and so the Brisbane gal similarly takes an aspirational-dressing approach: assembling an OOTD for the shows and festivals she wishes would stop by her hood on “Australian Tours” (you go Sydney and Melbourne, and none for Brisbane, bye), instead of the ones that do. Fake it till you make it, et cetera. 

In essence, we all take styling heed from Leslie Knope; however the Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane fashion divide isn’t so simple.

Here to help you identify your inner fashion spirit is local illustrator Fionna Fernandes, who imagined the signature Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane gal. 

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