Romance Was Born ‘Dream On’ For AW14

For AW14, Romance Was Born’s Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales take their cues from feminist subcultures of yore – the Marching Girls and Girl Gangs of the ’60s – while channelling connections forged with muses as diverse as LA-based artist Alia Penner and textile design polymath Jonathan Zawada into a collection that manages to artfully straddle the divide between both honouring the collaborations at the core of ‘Dream On’ while still coming across as singularly Romance in its vision. In a word, excellent.

For those of you playing along at home, the accompanying campaign was shot by Simon Lekias, made complete with make up by Natasha Severino, hair by Gavin Anesbury and styled by Caterina Scardino and also features teen ANTM alum Shanali Martin (who we already know looks cray amazing in Romance). In a borrowed phrase, taste the rainbow.