Reports Now Suggest Kim Jong-Un’s Brother Was Murdered With Poison Darts

News broke this morning that Kim Jong-Un‘s half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, died on his way to hospital after an incident at Kuala Lumpur Airport on Monday. 
While details were unconfirmed – some reports stated that he fell ill and suddenly died, and others say an attack happened in the departure lounge – more information is now arising about the incident. 
It turns out that Jong-Nam did fall ill – he felt dizzy, and asked for help at a desk:
“He felt dizzy, so he asked for help at the … counter of KLIA,” said police official Fadzil Ahmat.
However, South Korean television station Chosun is now reporting that SK government sources say he felt dizzy *because* he was attacked, by two female operatives in a departure lounge. 
They allegedly poisoned him with two needled darts, then fled in a taxi. 

“The deceased … felt like someone grabbed or held his face from behind,” said Ahmat.
A government source has given information to Reuters, saying that the US government believes North Korean agents performed the assassination. 
There has been a previous confirmation of an assassination attempt; a North Korean agent admitted during interrogation that he’d been tasked with murdering Jong-Nam in 2010. 
We’ll update you as more information arises. 

Source: TND.
Photo: Yamaguchi Haruyoshi / Getty.