RAFW Street Style – Day 4 and 5


Shaun Corkan volunteered for the past couple of days at RAFW and is now taking some snaps for his blog Neoprene Skin. He is wearing vintage, Ksubi jeans, and a shirt he has had since he was 8 years old. “I’ve spent my spare time stalking the models in real life. That sounds kind of creepy, doesn’t it?” [Ed note: Yes Shaun. Yes it does].

Brooke Lazarus is wearing an American Apparel skirt, Portmans top, Chanel bag and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. “Bec & Bridge is the best show I’ve seen by far, the clothes were gorgeous.”

Krystal Le is a RAFW volunteer. Everything she is wearing is vintage or from eBay. “Getting to see the shows and meeting people is the best part about being a volunteer.”

Charlotte O’Carrigan showed her debut RAFW collection Thursday morning as part of the TAFE Innovators show. She is wearing a thrifted dress and is looking forward to going to the bar.

Brothers Jono and Sam Cottee are at RAFW to meet up with international buyers for their Brisbane-based clothing label Vanguard.


Victoria Chau is at RAFW to take street style photos for Le Black Book. She is wearing a Moschino belt, vintage Braun Duffel bag, Lacoste cardigan, vintage shorts and shoes from Rubi. “I really loved seeing Saint Augustine Academy. I really liked the different prints and the cuts of the dresses. Plus the menswear was really sleek, especially the tailored pants.”

Yan Chan is wearing vintage jeans and a Tokito velvet blazer.

Hayley Morgan is the Out Editor of TwoThousand. She is wearing Carly Hunter shorts, American Apparel socks, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes, an Acne sweater and Marc Jacobs bag. “Saint Augustine Academy was nicely executed.”

Rory Rice has been backstage all week doing hair and is now getting the chance to watch a few shows. He is wearing Born in June jacket, General Pants top and Doc Martens boots. “Doing the hair at Shakuhachi, Therese Rawsthorne and Alice McCall has been amazing.”

Kyle Hatton and Thomas Saint-Cyr are both Ultimo TAFE students and have been helping out at Saint Augustine Academy, which was also the best show they’ve seen this week. “It was fucking awesome, definitely the stand out of the week. The label has its own point of view and the whole collection was really well put together.”

Words and photos by Ingrid Kesa