Rachel Rutt Interviews Myf Shepherd

Through the indistinguishable mire of blurry twitcpics, hurried blog posts and truncated collection appraisals in 140 characters or less, Australian Fashion Week’s most refreshing show coverage came from two anonymous Australian models collectively known as MUTT.

If you missed our initial post on the subject, the bloggers, since revealed to be Rachel Rutt and Myf Shepherd, were tasked with anonymously interviewing Fashion insiders then posting the candid and hilarious conversations at heyweird – an offshoot of Australian INfront’s RAFW coverage. Their cover was initially blown by the craftiest sleuth in Australian fashion media, Frockwriter a fact Australian INfront acknowledge in the duo’s last post for the site, an interview with each other.

The identity of the interviewer and interviewee still remain anonymous but it’s not too hard to figure out who is who. Topics of interest include: Favourite RAFW shows (Dion Lee, Romance Was Born and Ksubi), the evolution of Australian fashion, the model’s role in image-making, inspiration and an upcoming children’s book that revolves around a cat.