PSA: The Good Humans At Sportsgirl Are Giving Away Free Clothes This W/E

We’ve teamed up with Sportsgirl for their new ‘This Jacket’s Got Your Back’ campaign feat. writer, model and all-round stellar human Elfy Scott. Get around it here.

It’s nice to receive something without having to give something back in return, which should be applicable in the sheets from time to time imo. You know? You know.

Aussie retailer Sportsgirl see the value in giving, the darlings, and have chosen to give away jackets free of charge this weekend as part of their Golden Jacket Giveaway. Hell to the yes pls + thank you. 

No, the jackets aren’t gold (good, because metallics really aren’t everyone’s style, ja feel?) but it’s a play on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘s golden ticket, but like, the golden jacket. What that means is you won’t know until you checkout whether or not you get your jacket’s free, kind of like how you don’t know you’ve scored the golden ticket until after you’ve opened the choccy wrapper.

But look, let’s be totally honest here, it’s that time of year where we’re stocking up on winter threads anyway so it’s just an added bonus if you happen to save in the process. 

Kicking off on Friday March 10 and running through to Saturday March 11, the women’s clothing store has 100 jackets to give away across the country (each participating store has 10 full-priced jackets to give away) and that’s pure gold when you’re holding onto every cent you’ve got.

Thought you oughtta know. Check if your local is getting involved in the list below.

Bourke Street 

Pitt Street Mall
Westfield Miranda
Bondi Junction

Queen Street Mall
Westfield Chermside

Rundle Mall 

Hay Street Mall

Check out their jacket range here before heading in store, and just tell me that your wardrobe couldn’t benefit from one of those styles this season. 

Case and Ponte. 

Photo: Confessions of a Shopaholic.