Please Tell Your Inner Child That Hectic Mario Toys Are Coming To Maccas

Remember when you were young enough to give a shit about Happy Meals and the flimsy plastic toys included therein? It didn’t matter what movie or game they were spruiking, it was just cool to get something to take home after your meal. 

Prepare to awaken your inner child around September and October, because McDonald’s Australia has confirmed to Kotaku that the sick Super Mario toys that are currently included in US Happy Meals are coming here later in the year. 
There are eight figurines including MarioPrincess PeachLuigi in a pipe, Bowser, a Red ShellYoshi, Invisible Mario and 1-Up Mushroom. Each one will have some kind of special function, like lighting up, spewing out fireballs, making sounds or rolling around on tiny wheels.
Sure, you could probably just buy them on eBay, but there’s no fun in that. Where’s your sense of whimsy? The thrill of the chase and all that jazz. You get the picture.  
Me? I’m going to arrange them in various dramatic scenes along the shelf behind my work computer because I am essentially a heavily tattooed 5-year-old child.
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: McDonalds.