Pistorius Challenges Bail Conditions So He Can Go Home, To A Bar Or On Vacation

Honorary Scholar and Saarth Efrikaarn Paralympian Oscar Pistorius is reportedly appealing against the (appropriately) strict conditions of the bail he was granted on February 22nd. His reasons for doing so are unclear at best, but it’s probably so that he can have a drink that isn’t Gator/Haterade, return to the home he shared with girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp for some ‘chill Me Time’, and maybe just to take a ‘lil holiday; sometimes it’s nice to just get away from the media circus surrounding your premeditated murder trial, you know?

Those things can be so exhausting.
According to eNCA News, lawyers representing Pistorius filed papers overnight requesting that the athlete no longer be required to submit to daily drug and alcohol testing [peeing, having blood, getting swabbed, breathing; time-consuming stuff] and that he be allowed to travel overseas. Even though Pistorius wasn’t deemed ‘a flight risk’ in his initial hearing, this doesn’t sound like it would be The Best Idea for all concerned. In fact, it sounds both ‘flighty’ and ‘risky.’
With his involvement in international competitions cancelled indefinitely, and training yet to resume (much to the objections of his over-eager trainer, Ampie) what other reason could Pistorius have for wanting to travel overseas other than to CTFO in Italy, where he’s alleged to have a house and bank accounts?
Pistorious also reportedly desires to return to the house where he shot Steenkamp several times through a bathroom door after supposedly mistaking her for an intruder. He would also pretty please like the blanket ban that prohibits him from talking to his neighbours lifted.
Because a court ordered blanket ban is definitely what’s stopping his neighbours from talking to him.
Not that premeditated murder charge resulting from the violent unnecessary death of his girlfriend. 
Not that at all.
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell via Getty