Photographer: Kris Baum

Kris who?

Kris Baum, yeah none of us knew who he was prior to receiving an email about him 20 or so hours ago. We’re all still scratching our heads trying to work out how Krissy slipped through the cracks. Out of Sydney, Mr.Baum takes extremely exceptional photos revolving around “spaces, faces and fashion.”

If you like what you see Kris Baum Photography is having a once-off exhibition & print sale of his work from the last 7 years. A retrospective of his work covering beautiful B&W cityscapes to surreal London Underground tunnel photos. Some photos have never been exhibited before. Some are rare and will only be sold this one time. Prices start at $30. Sizes from A5 to 1.2metres. Canvas, prints, framing and mounting available before Christmas.

Open 10am – 5pm Friday to Sunday 19/12/08 – 21/12/08.

KBAUM! Photography Studio 143 Beattie St Balmain NSW 2041