Perth Fashion Festival Issue Runway Rules For Guests

Perth Fashion Festival made headlines around the world this week, and not only for the clothes.

The organisers decided to up the professionalism by implementing a set of rules for the catwalk shows. Inspired perhaps by a distinct lack of respect that seems to be becoming more and more apparent as people like the Kardashians increase in social standing, they establish some basic etiquette that you’d think fashionistas would have mastered long ago:

1. No sunglasses. Unless you’re Anna Wintour
2. Put your phone on silent and put it away – or if you’re using it to take photos, do so discretely
3. Be respectable to those on the catwalk and those who put in all the work behind the scenes, if you have to talk to your neighbour, make it a whisper
4. Even if you know one of the models, it is not really on to whoop at them as they walk down the catwalk, play it cool
5. Make sure your bags are tucked away, models have enough trouble walking on their heels without having to worry about tripping over a handbag strap
6. Don’t be late, they show is unlikely to wait for you
7. One goodie-bag per person please, you don’t want to look desperate, and if you can avoid the temptation, don’t look through it until you’ve left the venue

One can only assume assumes this joins the Canonical rules of fashion that have been around since the beginning of time, including ‘Please, do not feed the models.’

via Daily Mail UK