Perth Bloke Who Answered Racist Convo With Tea Now Being Gifted Cuppas

Aboriginal man Jarred Wall’s calm and collected rebuttal to a couple of elderly ladies havin’ a racist chit-chat has drawn national attention, and rightly so. 

On Thursday, the bloke went ahead and shouted the pair a pot of tea “compliments of the 2 Aboriginals sitting next to you,” and Australia’s been taking notes on the civility of that smack-down ever since.

Tonight on The Project, it became even more apparent that calm nature isn’t reserved just for slinging drinks at close-minded individuals. During his brief appearance, Wall kept his cool describing what could’ve otherwise been a v. tense situation, saying “I didn’t want to just sit back and let another conversation roll on.”

“So I think that for them to read the message, they might have thought ‘OK, bit of a surprise,’ and maybe they’ll think twice. And that’s kind of the overall aim of what I want to achieve.”
We can hope the two ladies went off with a changed perception, but we know his actions have already impacted others. Following an interview on NITV, Wall says he was gifted a pot of tea by another couple. 

Watch the clip below:

Source and photo: The Project / Twitter.