Naomi Watts Claims Princess Diana Gave Casting Approval From Beyond The Grave

The highly anticipated biopic detailing Princess Diana‘s life, affair and royal mischief, Diana, has been graced with unanimously agreed parfait casting, with Australian goddess Naomi Watts set to embody Lady Di in the upcoming film.

Just to reiterate: literally nobody had any qualms with Naomi Watts throwing on a wig, prosthetic nose and mimicking a posh accent for the film; Watts was the unrivaled, quintessential, faultless choice. But then Watts went and confirmed that she was, in fact, the choice with a bizarre confession nobody asked for in an in-depth interview published in the Daily Mail. The exposé explores Naomi Watts’ involvement in the film, her intense character research of Princess Diana and her nervousness on playing one of the most influential women of our time in one of her most important stories.

What made the interview seem just a little—oh, I don’t know, deluded—came when Naomi Watts gushed about her seemingly clairvoyant relationship with Princess Diana’s spirit. All but breaking out the ouija board, Watts told the Daily Mail, “There were definitely moments when I felt Diana’s presence – I dreamed about her a lot, too, and that’s a first,” said Naomi Watts. “I kept wondering to myself: “Would she have liked it?” So I found myself constantly asking for her permission to carry on. I had saturated myself with Diana and her life and I felt this enormous responsibility of playing this iconic woman.

Watts continued by acknowledging the truth bomb that her bold statement probably won’t appear fitting: “It felt like I was spending a lot of time with her. There was one particular moment when I felt her permission was granted. That won’t sound right in print, I know.” Well, you’ve got to applaud her searing self-awareness.

Meanwhile, if Naomi Watts could exploit her apparent relationship a little bit further, could she do everyone a favour and settle the conspiracy theories floating around this weekend, and just straight up ask Diana is she was murdered by the British military?