Myf And Rutt Talk Girlfriend Swapping With Anonymous Models

With Scott Schuman and Garance Dore in our midst already and Susie Bubble and Tommy Ton on their way, it’s entirely feasible that the international blogging presence at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week will overshadow the physical showings of the collections they’ll cover. But for all the international Style Blogging Royalty you’ll spy around Circular Quay next week, Frockwriter points us in the direction of a few local bloggers worth keeping an eye on.

Going under the tongue in cheek moniker of MUTT two anonymous Australian models (since revealed to be Myf Shepherd and Rachel Rutt) will be interviewing anonymous subjects from various sectors of the Fashion Industry then posting those interviews at heyweird – an offshoot of Australian INfront’s RAFW coverage .

The blog describes itself as “a collection of interviews taken collaboratively by MUTT. The interviewees accept anonymity and give their word openly and freely. Initiative is taken by MUTT to ensure that Part I of each interview records insights given without the subject’s knowledge of their words being transcribed. Part II, however, is undertaken with their full understanding of the project.”

Aside from the conversations themselves, which diverge from banal food talk to incendiary sexcapades, our favourite thing about heyweird is guessing who the subjects are. A task that might have been impossible had the bloggers remained anonymous, but since their identities are now known we can use the context of the in-jokes and work backwards. Kinda like Twitter stalking or something.

The most recent interview for example is conducted with a lesbian model whose partner once dated Myf, a model who Frockwriter suggests is Catherine McNeil. And it could be. An anonymous commenter however proposed another likely candidate: “I’m thinking that the soon to be same-sex married anony-model is Olivia @ Chic, given that that is NOT a McNeil boob.”

Though it could be McNeil we tend to think it’s the latter based on the model’s admission that “I was just at a casting today and some lady said that one of my photos looked like Lady Gaga, because I had a short blonde wig on” which is probably the photo above taken from Olivia’s Chic profile. That and the anonymous breasts at the top of the post, which, after some careful comparative breast studies we concluded did not belong to McNeil. Happy sleuthing guys.