Millie Bobby Brown Wears A Nice Dress, Shit Trolls Tell Her To “Act Her Age”

Millie Bobby Brown

As the leading gal in Netflix‘s Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown was catapulted into the spotlight at just 12-years-old.

Since then, and with the help of her stylist, Millie has become a teenage fashion icon who consistently smashes her red carpet appearances in, what many call, ‘age appropriate’ outfits.

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Remember when she arrived at the SAG Awards wearing a bubblegum pink Calvin Klein mini dress with a pair of Converse?


And how about the time she rocked up at the Emmys in this heavenly ballerina-style A-line gown??

Honestly, how is she so damn perfect?? <33.

This week Millie, who is now 14-years-old, took to Instagram to share another outfit shot, but she’s copping a load of shit from haters who think her newest dress is ‘inappropriate’ for her age.

Cue: Fucking HUGE eye roll.

Now, before you go and picture some kind of sheer, plunging neckline situation with a super short crop, THIS is the dress she’s getting crap for:

Yep, that’s a below-the-knee, high neck collar, long sleeve dress.

Some fans claim that the fitted style ‘objectifies’ Millie:

“Never seen a 14 year old wear something that tight before. Only celebrities who like being objectified. You post it on here so obviously we’re gonna have something to say about it.????” wrote one.

Ah yes, those celebrities who “like being objectified” – UGH. The only person objectifying her is the troll who thinks like this.

“14 trying look 24, maybe hit puberty first before wearing heels??” added another, who seems to forget just how many of us wore heels as kids  ‘cos it was fun.

Many of the more hateful comments have also been removed from the post – don’t people just suck sometimes?

Thankfully these shitty comments have become significantly outnumbered by folks who say the judgy trolls need back TF off:

“And just what the heck is wrong with her dress? Pay no attention to the haters, most of them are probably jealous they would never look that good in that dress themselves. Haters gotta hate.”

“Y’all need to stop. Her dress is completely appropriate for her age. Crew neck, long sleeve, AND it’s below the knee. She’s 14, she can wear whatever she want. Plz stop”

“Adults are out here judging the way a 14 year old dresses?! Clothes are just forms of self expression really and if you don’t like it then move on. There is not such thing as acting your age in a world full of different people. She’s confident and that’s all that matters so just stop. Really there are better things to do guys. Keep up with the positive vibes mille.”

“You look classy and gorgeous! If you’re too anything for ‘your age’, it’s sophisticated!”

Millie has since responded to the comments on her Instagram Stories, and her statement says it all:

“ik everyone on my last pic wants me to ‘act my age’ but quite frankly its my instagram and if I choose to post that picture and you don’t like it… scroll past it).” 

YASSS Millie, you tell ’em!