Mick Fanning Donated His 60 Minutes Pay To Ballina Shark Attack Victim

Mick Fanning, who legit punched a shark when it got a lil’ too close for comfort at the J-Bay Open in South Africa recently, is an Australian hero not just for his shark-punching abilities, but also for being a genuinely good dude. 

After his live-on-air attack, Fanning was obviously swarmed by media attempting to shove money into his pockets to get the exclusive emotional retelling of his dramatic escape. When he decided to say yes to one of those outlets, Channel 9’s 60 Minutes, he copped some flack for ‘selling out’ and taking a huge payment from media for his story. 
But as always, he did not let us down. Surfing Life reports that Fanning has donated his paycheque from 60 Minutes ($75,000), to another Aussie shark attack victim, Matt Lee. And on top of this, Channel 9 head honcho David Gyngell also personally donated another $25,000 to Lee. 
Lee, who was attacked by a Great White while bodyboarding in Ballina last month, has been recovering in Gold Coast University Hospital. His loved ones are currently raising money for his surgeries via a public Facebook page, and posted this yesterday:

Mick Fanning and David Gyngell, No words can describe how grateful we are for the generous donation.Make sure you tune in to 60minutes tonight at 9pm to get the full interview.

Posted by Mathew Lee – Official Support on Saturday, 1 August 2015