Mariah Carey’s Wardrobe Tour Is More Diva Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Hands down, the one closet we all wanted a peek in was Mariah Carey‘s. The self-confessed diva loves herself some glitter and a stiletto heel, so naturally we imagined her wardrobe would be the most extra thing on the planet.

And folks, we were not disappointed. Not in the least. See, Vogue US got ~exclusive access~ to Mariah’s home, and had the singer give them a lil’ tour. It is literally the wardrobe you dreamed of when you were six and obsessed with princess dresses.

Let’s deep dive for a second because there is a lot to unpack. Firstly, can you even with her shoes. DEAD. Carrie Bradshaw, literally don’t even bother competing – Mariah has this shit on lock.

“I’m a shoe fanatic,” she says in the tour video. “Oh, you think I have enough of them? I don’t know, I can’t even believe these are my shoes. Whatever.”

Does she legit wear a pair a day? Then never again?

Among her many bags, she has this pink Birkin – a gift from none other than boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

“He told me every time somebody asks to make sure they know it’s a gift from Floyd. So, it’s from the champ.”

Surprising no-one, Mariah also admits she walks around the house in lingerie on the reg. So her undergarments closet (she has an entire one just for lingerie, wtf) is naturally ridic.

“I guess I dress up a lot, but if I have my way I’ll just wear lingerie and like, walk around the house. La Perla, obviously. Agent Provocateur, darling. Darling!”

Her shopping advice?

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter how expensive it is, you know, it’s just like if you like it and it makes you feel good, it makes you feel pretty and however you want to feel, then that’s what it is.”

Outstanding. Just, wonderful.