Manning Cartell’s Pre-MBFWA 2013 Questionnaire

Sororal Sydney-based label Manning Cartell produce equal parts enviable, ethereal and wearable clothes (see above) from their light-filled Marrickville studio, the wares of which will be on display next week at the campiest school camp since middle school, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

The first time I saw a Manning Cartell collection up close I was quietly blown away by their craftsmanship and concepts; in this one instance it was their use of ancient Grecian lace evocative of the statuesque beauties often seen sporting their goods, namely Jennifer Hawkins on any red carpet or on any number of Australia’s It-est It-Girls. Prior to their big day on Tuesday, we caught up with Mannings Cheryl, Vanessa and Gabrielle to talk muses, music and must-haves for bringing order to fashion chaos. 
Don’t forget you’ll be able to stream the Manning Cartell show and many others for the first time via Jasu.

Without giving too much away who or what has been the muse/s for your Fashion Week collection? 

Romeo & Juliet.

If your new collection could be summed up in a song what would it be? 

Santigold – ‘I’m a Lady’

In what way is this collection different to anything you’ve done before? 

It has a futuristic retro vibe.

What are your 3 must-have items for surviving MBFWA and the lead up? 

Always coffee, good music and a positive outlook.

Who is your favourite Aus model/s to work with and why? 

Jennifer Gilmore she is tough and strong but still beautiful.
Photo: Chic Management

What’s the first thing you’ll do once your show’s over? 

Some post show drinks sound like a good plan.

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MBFWA starts streaming and showing Monday. For more behind-the-studio action, check out We Are HandsomeVanishing ElephantEmma Mulholland and Romance Was Born’s pre-show time questionnaires.
Photo: Brendan Thorne via Getty