Those ScoMo Party Shirts Are Available If You Wanna Pretend You’ve Also Fucked Off To Hawaii

mahalo scomo

Remember roughly a year ago when our Prime Minister Scott Morrison quite literally fucked off to Hawaii in the middle of the worst bushfire crisis we’ve seen in recent history? Well, you can remember that moment forever because the iconic Mahalo ScoMo shirt that went viral last year is back in stock.

Back in 2019, the shirt – designed by MR. KOYA – became an instant fashion statement, selling out in just days and raising $35,891 for the NSW Rural Fire Service. But if you missed out on perhaps the most political party shirt of all time, don’t fret because a limited supply has been re-printed and is now on sale for you to get your grubby little mitts on.

You’ll have to be quick because the supply is strictly limited, available exclusively on the MR. KOYA website.

“Last year, we had a customer who really wanted to wear it at his ceremony, but it wasn’t quite ready in time. We wanted to make it available again,” Yema Akbar on behalf of MR. KOYA said.

“There’s no denying 2020 was unimaginably challenging worldwide. As a country we worked hard to combat an extreme fire season and COVID-19. It felt fitting to bring back a shirt that kicked off the year. In a way it shows how far we’ve come.”

The shirt will set you back $80, but honestly, that’s a small price to pay for a shirt that will quite literally go down in history.

In case you missed it, the Mahalo ScoMo shirt has even been immortalised in the National Library of Australia, which is no small feat for a party shirt with the Prime Minster’s smug mug on it.

But despite literally being kept in the National Library, the shirt hasn’t yet made it to ScoMo’s personal closet.

“We haven’t received an order from the Prime Minister yet, but will make sure to have a shirt
set aside for him as soon as we receive his measurements, ” MR KOYA said.

You can pick up your own Mahalo ScoMo shirt here.