Louis Vuitton’s Trip Friendly Short Film

It’s pretty rare that an artist named in Time Magazine’s 2008 Most Influential People alongside folk like Karl, Carine and Radiohead needs an introduction but I’ll drop it anyway.

In case you didn’t already know Takashi Murakami is the legit man, he’s one of the most thought-provoking Japanese artists of the past decade or two, he designed and directed all the artwork for Kanye’s “Graduation” LP including all the singles ie. Stronger + Flashing lights etc and he’s even been described as a modern day Andy Warhol due to his penchant for taking low culture and selling it to the high market.

Below, he continues his on-going collaboration with Louis Vuitton by producing an acid goggle friendly short film entitled “Superflat First Love.” The short film celebrates six years of collaboration between the pair.