Kylie Jenner’s Dropped A Mind-Blowingly Expensive $479 Brush Collection

Kylie Cosmetics (Kylie Jenner‘s makeup brand, for anyone who has LITERALLY been living under a rock, bc come on)  must rake in the dollars. Like rake them the fuck in – what started as simply lip kits off the back of Kylie’s “natural, makeup made” pout from back in 2014 (lol, until she admitted to lip fillers) is now a multi-product monster of a brand, and Kylie’d be raking in the dollarydoos for suuuure.

So with that in mind – Kylie bb, why the fuck have you priced your new brush collection at… $479AUD?

The Silver Series collection in fairness is sold individually – you can buy whichever brushes you need. But the prices even for the individual brushes are slightly unhinged. Take the Large Powder Brush, which clocks in at $64. Here are some other large powder brushes you can get for a fraction of that price. Zoeva’s powder brush is $28. It’s got a 4.5 star rating on Sephora.

Mecca’s Mecca Max range’ll give you one for $35.

And NYX have one for $24.95.

Here’s the thing – it will cost you Kylie Jenner prices to pick up a full-on luxury brand powder brush. MAC, Hourglass and other high-end makeup brands are around the same prices as Kylie Cosmetics. But the issue is – do we consider Kylie Cosmetics on par with these kinds of brands?

People on Twitter don’t think so. Kylie tweeted yesterday about the pricey tools, and was met with some fire opposition.