Kylie Jenner Donned A Melb Designer’s Liquid-Gold Dress To The Biebers’ 400th Wedding

What’s one thing that ties together Kylie Jenner and Nadia Bartel in this, the year 2019? Well apart from both apparently going through pretty public splits from their respective partners, they’ve both donned the same gold dress from Melbourne-based designer team, J’Aton Couture.

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I’ll be the first to admit that couture fashion is pretty out of my scope. As a woman who exists primarily in t-shirts and jeans and simply cannot wear a heel higher than a chunky block heel more than 5cm high, anything that includes a gravity-defying gown and a stiletto heel is so beyond my comprehension.

But I digress, I shall try my bloody best to get the skinny on what’s happening here.

The dress in question basically looks like they’ve been drizzled in liquid gold, either mid-Midas touch or halfway through a Dothraki crowning ceremony. It’s without a doubt a gold dress that screams “hey look how good I’m doing without you” and for that, I love both Kylie and Nadia for wearing it in the last couple of weeks.

Look at this bloody thing, how is it simultaneously a liquid and a (presumably lightweight) solid while also telling Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity to go and get phenomenally fucked? Do I wish I had the courage, the body, and the incredible amount of Hollywood tape to wear this gold dress to my amateur footy preso night on the weekend? Abso-fucken-lutely.

Look if there’s anyone that can make a dress that resembles a crumpled easter egg foil wrapper look bloody mint, it’s these two – let’s be real. Both women fill it out in their own ways and both exude this huge confidence that can only come with wearing gold foil over your norks and a leg slit that goes up to your bikini line. It’s a hell of an independent-woman-who’s-doing-just-fine-thanks mood.

J’Aton Couture shared some up-close details of the gold dress on Kylie, and I just can’t stop thinking about how much this must be just simply glued onto her body. There’s no other way it’s staying on, and I’d be frankly terrified of copping the mother of all nip-slips in this.