Kirstie Clements to appear on The ‘View’ to talk how models stay ‘catwalk thin’

Covering similar bases to her memoir-style book, The Vogue Factor, former Vogue Australia Editor Kirstie Clements will appear on American talk show The View to dissect how models stay ‘catwalk thin’. 
Following some ~weighty~ revelations in her book, notably the sometimes-adopted habit of eating tissues soaked in orange juice to ward off hunger pains, Clements will appear on the segment entitled ‘Hot Topic’, “because models with eating disorders is such a hot topic in America and around the world,” says she. She’s undoubtedly even more excited to be so close to long time legend Whoopi Goldberg, one of five of the lady-hosts, we speculate authoritatively (via this daft use of an oxymoron).
It will be recorded in America tomorrow, before being fast-tracked to Australia. Never one to stray from her fashun roots and of course, the hot topic, Clements has allegedly consulted producers on the colour of the couch so that the impact of her outfit choice may be capitalised upon. 
Title image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty images