Kim Kardashian-West Slays In An Alex Perry Corset For Vogue’s June Cover

Much to the dismay of many Facebook commenters, Vogue Australia‘s next covergirl is none other than ya fave, Kim Kardashian-West
AND DAMN! Look at that beautiful angelic face:

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And what’s super excellent about that cover photo, is that she’s wearing an Aussie designer. The top is Yeezy, designed by her husband Kanye West, but the corset is none other than Alex Perry. 
This is allegedly Perry’s first ever Vogue Australia cover, which we’re personally dumbfounded by considering how long he’s been an icon in the Aussie industry. But hell, imagine one of the biggest names in the world, Kimmy K wearing your shit for your first-ever Vogue cover. Can’t be less than stoked with that. 
Ten corsets were commissioned for Kim to wear, which meant that she had to be on a strict diet straight after the birth of Saint. 

Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Edwina McCann said that that their goal followed the theme of the issue ‘disruption’, and that they wanted to reinvent Kim:

“For this cover we wanted to reinvent Kim, which is a difficult thing to do when you are working with one of the most photographed women in the world — add her selfies and she must be number one.

I love Christine Centenera’s fresh interpretation of Kim’s image, accentuating her curves with corsetry worn over cool T-shirts; her bare face displays her true beauty.”
This is Kim’s first shoot and first cover since the birth of her second child, Saint West. So, the profile interview – which Vogue has given us just a snippet of before the mag hits shelves – is all about the new mother:
Vogue: Your main fault?
KKW: “There are so many, hard to think … gosh, I mean, maybe I’m a bit stubborn.”
Vogue: Your idea of misery?
KKW: “Misery is so subjective, this is a hard one … for me, though, it is when I don’t have any sleep, I feel miserable.”
Vogue: If not yourself, who would you be?
KKW: “I would love to be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.”
Vogue: Your heroes in real life?
KKW: “My dad was, for sure. I love that he was always so honest about family. You know, that’s something I really looked up to.”
Vogue: Your favourite heroines in real life?
KKW: “Obviously, my mum. Once you become a mother, you have a new-found respect for people who have gone through it — especially knowing my mum has had six [children]; that’s so intense for me. I want to live her life and be successful, work hard and still have so many kids — and still take care of everyone else.”
The shoot is styled by Vogue Australia‘s Fashion Director and close friend of Kim & Kanye, Christine Centenera, and shot by Lachlan Bailey. 

The June edition of Vogue Australia with the always incred Kim Kardashian-West lookin’ hot AF on the cover will hit shelves May 16. 

Source: Vogue Australia
Photo: Lachlan Bailey / Vogue Australia.