Kikki.K Will Take Your Shit Pen And Trade It For A Free Chic One This Week

Are you a stationery dork? Aren’t we all, you say? Yeah, we pretty much are – find me a person who wouldn’t welcome a complete, designer overhaul of their work or study desk and I’ll find you a LIAR.

Fact is, the last stationery item we spend on is pens. A beautiful diary? Sure. Monogrammed notepads? Sounds nice. But fancy pens seem like such a frivolous purchase when you can cop 10 packs for $5 at Woolies.

Thing is, those 10 packs aren’t going to make your desk look like an Instagrammable dream, and honestly? NICE PENS MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. Admit it.

That’s why you should absolutely take advantage of Kikki.K’s World Stationery Day offer. They’re actually doing 7 days of offers through the week, but the big days to take note of at April 26th and 27th.

Why? Well, on those two days you can take one of your crap/boring pens and trade it for one of their shiny, cute new ones – for zero bucks. Yep, no strings attached.

Well, a few strings but they’re all normal ones – it’s one pen swap per person, you can swap for a Kikki.K Everyday Gel Pen or Everyday Ballpoint Pen, and it’s while stocks last so get there early IMO.

The offer’s across all Aussie Kikki.K stores, so hit up their site here to suss your local.