Julia Nobis, Hirschy & Marte Mei Literally Ooze Fashion for Doingbird #16

Creative polymath Max Doyle and the team behind his sporadic semi-bi-annual art/music/fashion publication Doingbird have once again delivered the kind of content that’ll both drop your jaw and restore your faith in the power of fashion editorial. Fronted by Marte Mei van Haaster, the sixteenth issue of Doingbird also features a roster of contributors that actually made my eyes bulge.

Here’s the full ledger:

Patti Smith on Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Bruce Weber, Eugene Souleiman, Franz Gertsch, Alasdair McLellan, Didier Malige, Linda Sterling, Rick Owens, Jimmy Paul, Heinz Peter Knes, Misha Hollenbach, Daniel Jackson, Bob Nickas, Alex Fury, Jack Pierson, Neville Wakefield, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Oscar Tuazon, Yadim, Amelia Stein, Kurt Vile, Ruth Hogben, Anne-Laure Keib, Jason Farrer, Shauna Toohey, T. Cole Rachel and Kelly Rakowski.

For the latest issue, which heralds the magazine’s return to bi-annual publication, editor-in-chief Doyle shot both Australia’s Reigning Top Model and my spirit animal, Julia Nobis, as well as fellow Balenciaga campaign face Hirschy in graphic, New Romantic shoots styled by Vogue staffers Naomi Smith and Ilona Hamer respectively. Benjamin Alexander Huseby’s cover shoot with Dutch stunner Marte Mei is also worth a mention for making amniotic sacs this season’s must-have bag. Truly ground and water-breaking stuff.

You can order Doingbird #16 online at colette.