Jordan Askill On Teaming With Topshop And New Year’s Resolutions

Sydney-born jewellery designer and sculptor, Jordan Askill, has had another year of major accomplishments. He was named the 2012 Jewellery Designer of the Year at the ELLE Style Awards was approached by TOPSHOP to design a capsule collection, only the second jewellery collaboration the brand has embarked on (the other was with ultra-talented New Yorker Pamela Love). The striking 7 piece collection goes on sale today in Topshop Sydney (02 8072 9300) and online at everywhere else. We caught up with Jordan to briefly discuss how the collaboration came about, New Year’s resolutions, and spontaneously gifting a ring to Agent Dana Scully/Gillian Anderson.

Pedestrian: Hi Jordy, how did Topshop “discover” you and when did they ask you to do the collection? Jordan Askill Hi Pedestrian! We worked together when I received the NEWGEN award which is sponsored by Topshop. We have been speaking about ideas for working together since then.

What was your reaction when you were first approached to do the collection with such a massive and iconic high street brand like Topshop? I was so excited to be doing a collection together. They have not worked with many jewellers in the past so it’s new for them too! I really enjoyed being able to work towards creating something with a larger audience in mind and similar to the Jordy range which is part of my own brand, we wanted to create special little pieces like tattoos or imprints – the collection we did for Topshop has lots of these aspects, little detachable pendants and lockets to share with friends.

How did your vision for the collection come together? You seem quite preoccupied with feline faces and motifs at the moment. What is the inspiration behind that?  Topshop really wanted me to do something that was completely true to my brand identity. We spoke about the animals that I use in my own collection and it made sense to work with this. I feel the panther is not only a strong animal for a largely female clientele but it has the feline connection and link to ancient times, I wanted this feeling to come through in the JEWELLERY. The detachable pendants are fun, known universal motifs like hearts and clouds that contradict the panthers world.

The pieces in the Topshop collection are beautiful and really look like “Jordan Askill jewellery” – but obviously the price had to be a lot more accessible compared with your main line. How did you adapt what you know about crafting jewellery to fit with the Topshop brief / what were the challenges with doing the collection? We worked with different metals, materials than what I use in my main line. Most of my sculptural pieces I design in my own collection I like to think of being able to stand alone. For the Topshop collaboration I wanted to incorporate this sculptural element, but in classic pieces that could be worn every day.

Winning the 2012 Jewellery Designer Of The Year award at the Elle Style Awards must have been pretty mind blowing. 2 questions: Do awards like that open a lot of doors? And WHAT IS DANA SCULLY/GILLIAN ANDERSON LIKE?? Just kidding. But not really. It was so great to be acknowledged and it is an incredible honour to be recognised by a title like Elle UK. The added awareness of your brand after winning an award like this is quite amazing. Gillian Anderson, was great. I felt like I was standing next to an old friend (although we’d never met before). I gave her the Jordy ring I was wearing and put it on her finger.

Photo by Slavin Vlasic for Getty Images.

What projects do you have that are coming up? Have you got any other sibling collaborations [with artist/filmmaking brothers Lorin and Daniell] in the pipes? We are working on a couple of exciting group exhibitions in Europe around May next year. With my brothers there are some film projects in the pipeline… these projects feel like a new development chapter for Askill Projects which I can’t wait for.

Okay lastly Jordy, what do you want for Christmas and what’s your new year’s resolution? To be with my friends and family and to spend more time with them!