Insta-Babe Alexis Ren Has An Activewear Range & It’s 10/10 Rig-Worthy

If you don’t know her by name, you absolutely know her face (and rig, let’s be real). Alexis Ren is one of the biggest Instagram influencers out, with a massive following of 10M who double tap her bikini pics and lust after her perfect beach waves.

While she might’ve made bank flying around the world taking aesthetically pleasing photos, she’s not limiting herself to that. Nooo way – back in July she dropped a full athleisure line. A legitimately good one.

She’s coined it Ren Active, and at the time of launch it was only available in one of those awful subscription box systems – honestly how on Earth do those work outside of, say, beauty products. Fashion in a subscription box is weird, but whatever. The good news is, you can now buy her pieces individually thanks to a partnership with style hub Revolve.

Some of my favourite pieces? This chic yet totally supportive for ~your girls~ crop top.

This “works for dance class, works on the d-floor” leotard.

And this absolute fire swimsuit. Hot. Damn.

Prep thy credit cards and head to Revolve before everyone shops the collection out – what WILL you wear for your gym Instagrams if that happens?