How To Make Your Next Night In W/ Mates Straight-Up Fancy

When we were kids and teens, 12 hour long sleepovers complete with 00’s slasher-fest films starring all our fave teen-dreams were the shit. There was something so bonding about playing Truth of Dare for hours. Well, except when your mate spills that you like John from Year 9 and then you spend the night crying in the bathroom. But generally. Good times.

As you get older, nights in fall to the wayside in favour of wild club nights or messy house parties. If you do hang out indoors, it tends to just be unplanned, sloth around the lounge-room with red wine situations.

I vote we bring back the iconic night in – just adults-only style. Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson of They All Hate Us agree, so we crashed their chic as hell night in, and asked them how we can make ours just as lush.


When it comes to party food, snacks are still a winner. But instead of bowls full of crisps and lollies, turn your entire coffee table into a literal food smorgasbord.

“The grazing table works so well, because you can have a little or a lot,” explains Elle. “Our friend Morgan Munday created this one for us. Also you can add mini tarts or meats to the table if you want it to be more a dinner vibe.”

“I think its about starting with some cheeses, then loading up the board with lots of elements that go with the ones you’ve selected,” says Tash. “Grapes, chocolate, figs and honey! I also love finding really unique crackers than add to the flavours.”


Thought it’d cost you a fortune to deck out your pad in a luxe way? Think again. You just need to get a bit creative with DIY.

“Fresh flowers are the most chic and easy way to decorate a room,” says Tash.

Tash suggests hitting up your local flower markets early (she gets there at 5.30am), or the markets where flowers are often at cheaper, sometimes wholesale prices.

Another tip from Elle is to stick to a theme.

“We were all about candle light for this party,” she explains. “We also used white fairy lights, white balloons and fresh flowers to create an atmosphere.”

If you hit up a local craft store, scentless candles usually run damn cheap. Balloons can veer on the exxy side for decorations – but damn, how good do they look. If you’ve got the cash, head to your local party store for a helium balloon kit. You can hire ’em by the day.





Pre-party, you’re more than keen to do heaps of prep. But once the night’s in full swing you’re hardly likely to want to put down your mimosa and hit the kitchen to prep dessert. Tash and Elle scattered bowls of Magnum Pint‘s around their grazing table.

“The great thing with ice cream is that it’s a perfect match for fresh fruits, cheeses and chocolate, which featured on our grazing table,” explains Elle.

 “I love for our guests to be able to make their snacks themselves. And with ice-cream tubs, you don’t need to prep or cook during the night.” says Tash.


Remember how damn awesome lolly bags were as a kid? Giving your guests the adult version turns your party from something casual into a proper event.

“At the end of the night, we wrapped our table flowers up for our guests to take home with them, along with a Magnum pint,” says Tash.

Other great take-home ideas? Gourmet lolly bags filled with fancy chocolates, or taking Polaroid group photos and giving one to each guest in a cheap photo frame.