H&M Have Announced They’re Absolutely Done With Using Cashmere

Fashion giants H&M have announced they’ll stop using cashmere by the end of 2020, as part of their movement toward sustainability.

[jwplayer iP9TJaqF]

The move is part of their 2030 goals list, which also covers working toward a more transparent supply chain, sourcing sustainable cotton via the Better Cotton Initiative and aiming to use only recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

It also comes after PETA Asia released a harrowing video revealing the violent way cashmere is acquired in Mongolia and China, where 90% of cashmere is sourced from.

The video shows the goat hair being ripped out with metal combs as the animals scream in pain, as well as horrific slaughterhouse methods of killing the animals.

It’s a great move from H&M, and one more brands will hopefully make in future.