Hillary Clinton’s Campaign For Prez Is In Hot Water Again Thanks To A Dick Pic

Donald Trump‘s going to go wild with this one.
For months, Hillary Clinton has been fighting off claims she used private email servers while United States Secretary of State. Data security’s a big deal (you wouldn’t let your mum read your chat history, right?) – especially when you’re in one of the world’s most powerful roles. Having top secret conversations saved at home could mean the countries enemies could score access – which is kind of a big deal.
Fast forward to July – when the FBI cleared Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing. They said she had messed up badly, but they weren’t going to put her in jail, as Trump repeatedly demanded. The problem kinda went away, though it has featured heavily in right-wing election rhetoric. With talk about Donald Trump’s vile ‘locker room talk’ about women dominating the headlines, Clinton’s been having it fairly easy.
Of course, it would take an (alleged) dick pic to ruin it.
Enter Anthony Weiner. He’s the one-time husband of an important Clinton staffer, and a real class act. The ironically-named former politician has been in trouble time after time for sending explicit pics over the internet – and it cost him his job in the senate. His wife Huma Abedin stuck with him at first – then dumped his sleazy arse after he admitted doing it a second time.
Now, here’s where things get bad for Hillary. The FBI is investigating Weiner for allegedly sending pics of his genitals to a 15-year-old girl. During that investigation, they’ve seized electronic devices belonging to the former husband and wife – and have reportedly found even more classified emails which shouldn’t be there.
Today, the FBI said they’re now looking back into the Clinton email saga, which adds more fuel to Trump’s Crooked Hillary nickname.
Trump’s remained strangely quiet, but his fans are calling for blood.

Clinton’s now calling for the FBI to explain exactly what they’re looking into, and saying that the email situation has already been resolved.

“The American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. The (FBI) director himself has said himself he doesn’t know whether the emails referenced in his letter are significant or not.” 
It’s worth noting that Hillary’s only at the fringe of this investigation, but with the election only 11 days out, Trump’s going to be smelling blood.
So yeah, the election couldn’t get any weirder. Keep it in your pants, guys.
Photo: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla.